Award Winning Interactive Solutions

AKR Interactive is a full service internet application, software and multimedia development company, with expertise in social media, user experience, exhibit installation, marketing, content development, business process, branding, and graphic design.


Web development today is all about accountability. Accountability to the business and organizational objectives of the client; and accountability for the usefulness, usability and relevance to the target audience. AKR Interactive takes these things very seriously. Whether you are a small organ-ization, or a large corporation with a plethora of business divisions, we ensure that:


Our technical capabilities are second to none. Whether you need hardware, software, network, IT/IS infrastructure consultation we’ve got you covered. Our technical products and services include:

  • Rich internet application (RIA) development
  • Rich media creation and deployment, including rich media banners ads.

At AKR we ensure that our products are designed elegantly, usably, accessibly and appropriately for the target audiences and that your brand voice and atmosphere permeate user experience.

We offer identity services that not only extend your brand atmosphere to the online space, but tell your story. We can work with you to shape your story


Arctic Cat
Best Buy
Betty Crocker
Buffalo Wild Wings